A City Guide To Kishorganj

A City Guide To Kishorganj for In many ways, World War I illustrated that the world had become a small place interconnected by politics and finance. Pre-war economics. Even before the United States entered the war, the lives of Americans were directly affected in many ways. On October 22, 1914, Congress passed the Emergency Revenue Act, increasing taxes on liquor and adding an excise tax to items that many Americans considered essential: toilet articles, telegraph and telephone messages, and chewing gum. Additional taxes were placed on stamps, bankers, and brokers; however, the government raised only $52 million from the new taxes rather than the $100 million that had been predicted. Initially, the United States experienced a short decline in the output of goods; but as the war continued in Europe, American business boomed. The country produced guns, ammunition, food, and clothing for the Allies, exporting goods to the warring nations and receiving investment capital from foreign investors. A City Guide To Kishorganj 2016.

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