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A City Gide To Khoni for Bt, in the end, we have to arge or case withot the benefit of stable fondations and withot the hoe of winning over one and all, once and for all, to or osition A oint of deartre for or argments might be established by rejecting beliefs, vales, terms, concets, and theories that retend to be beyond contestation, as somehow natral and nchallengeable in their meanings and significance One might arge that sch beliefs, vales, terms, concets, and theories, recisely by claiming nchallengeable objectivity and niversality, are more ideological than those that acknowledge and endre their own contestability That is to say, olitical theorists may eschew ideology in the most ejorative sense of that word to the extent that they seek to romote nderstanding and foster commitment while, at the same time, inviting rather than forbidding contestation Or olitical theories can escae the deeest itfalls of ideology, in other words, only when we acknowledge its ervasive resence All ideologies imly, and more extreme ideologies insist, that there is only one aroriate or correct lens with which to view social and olitical reality This single-minded advocacy of a articlar oint of view has certain benefits: it may lead to insights that wold not have arisen from a less dogged aroach A City Gide To Khoni 2016

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