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A City Guide To Kashgar for Dragano et al. found a combination of work stress based on the effort?reward model combined with the threat of redundancy was associated with a four-fold higher prevalence of self-reported poor health compared to individuals without these problems. What do YOU think? If health is, at least in part, a result of the social and environmental contexts in which we live, then how can society go about reducing them? Most health promotion has focused on changing individual behaviours, such as smoking, lack of exercise, and so on. But is this just tinkering at the edge? Should society work towards changing the health inequalities associated with low SES? Or should we adopt the American model of opportunity’ to become upwardly economically mobile, and those left behind to fend for themselves? If society does take responsibility for reducing social inequalities, how can it set about doing so? And what about the health disadvantages of people in ethnic minorities and women with children at work? How much should society, and in particular psychologists and others involved in health care, involve itself in improving the health of these groups? Summary Poverty is the main cause of ill health throughout the world. However, psychosocial factors may also influence health where the profound effects of poverty are not found. One broad social factor that has been found to account for significant variations in health within societies is the socio-economic status of different groups. This relationship appears to be the result of a number of factors including n differential levels of behaviours, such as smoking and levels of exercise; n differing levels of stress associated with the living environment, levels of day-to-day stress, and the presence or absence of uplifts; n differential access to health care and differential uptake of health care that is provided; n low levels of social capital and its associated stress in some communities. A City Guide To Kashgar 2016.

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