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A City Guide To Karamay for Stress A second explanation for the health disadvantages of people in minority groups focuses on the psychosocial impact of occupying minority status. People from ethnic minorities may experience wider sources of stress than majority populations as a consequence of specific stressors such as discrimination, racial harassment and the demands of maintaining or shifting culture. Two experimental studies conducted by Clark Clarke Clark and Gochett suggest a mechanism through which this may become manifest. In the first of these studies, Clarke found that among a sample of young African American women, the more they reported experiencing racism, the greater their increases in blood pressure during a task in which they talked about their views and feelings about animal rights. Clarke took this to indicate that these women had developed a stronger emotional and physiological reaction to general stress as a result of their long-term responses to racism. In their second study, Clark and Gochett measured blood pressure, perceived racism, and the coping responses a sample of black American adolescents used in response to racism. They found that blood pressure did not vary according to the level of racism the participants reported. A City Guide To Karamay 2016.

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