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A City Guide To Kaitong for found that mothers experiencing work?home spillover, especially those from lower socio-economic groups, may compromise on things like the quality of food they cook to help cope with the time challenges of their work. Unemployment Not having a job appears to have negative effects on both mental and physical health. Ferrie et al. , for example, found that not obtaining a secure job or remaining unemployed following redundancy not due to ill health were associated with significant increases in minor psychiatric and health complaints ? the main cause of which appeared to be the financial insecurity rather than the loss of job per se. More recently, Cardano et al. followed a cohort of Italian men and women for a period of years, and found that as people with no health problems left the labour market due to early retirement or unemployment, so their health tended to deteriorate. The threat of unemployment may itself be sufficient to adversely influence health. A City Guide To Kaitong 2016.

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