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A City Guide To Huzhou for In these circumstances, men and women seemed to share household burdens more evenly, as well as being able to reduce spillover by employing someone to assist in the household. However, they also noted that this effect was limited to the high flyers within their population. For others, this may not be the case. Where spillover is present, it appears to influence risk for disease. Although having a job appears to improve the health of both men and women ? the so-called healthy worker effect’ ? there appears to be a threshold, related to work?home spillover, above which work may have a detrimental effect on health. Haynes and Feinleib , for example, found that working women with three or more children were more likely to develop CHD than those with no children. Adding to this finding, Alfredsson et al. A City Guide To Huzhou 2016.

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