A City Guide To Huozhou

A City Guide To Huozhou for This definition was influenced by a medical perspective in that it assumes that healthy people engage in particular behaviour, such as exercise or seeking medical attention, purely to prevent their chance of disease onset. However, this very specific definition should be viewed with caution. Many people engage in a variety of apparently health-related behaviour, such as exercise, for reasons other than disease prevention, including weight control, appearance, as a means of gaining social contacts and pleasure. Nevertheless, whether intentional or not, engaging in health behaviour may prevent disease and may also prevent the progression of disease once it is established. This perspective was acknowledged by Harris and Guten , who defined health behaviour as behaviour performed by an individual, regardless of his/her perceived health status, with the purpose of protecting, promoting or maintaining his/her health’. According to this definition, health behaviour could include the behaviour of unhealthy’ people. For example, an individual who has heart disease may change their diet to help to limit its progression, just as a healthy person may change their diet in order to reduce their future risk of heart disease. A City Guide To Huozhou 2016.

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