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A City Guide To Hunchun for obesity. For reasons of length, it is impossible to address all ten of these in this chapter, even though the statistics attached to some are horrendous and thought-provoking. Over three million childhood deaths, for example, occur every year in developing countries as a result of being underweight. By contrast, about half a million people die each year in North America and Europe as a result of an obesity-related disease. Behaviour which is associated with high levels of mortality in developed countries such as the USA and Europe are highlighted below and discussed in more detail, as they tend also to be the behaviour that has attracted the greatest attention from health psychologists to date n heart disease smoking tobacco, high-cholesterol diet, lack of exercise; n cancer smoking tobacco, alcohol, diet, sexual behaviour; n stroke smoking tobacco, high-cholesterol diet, alcohol; n pneumonia, in?uenz a smoking tobacco, lack of vaccination; n HIV /AIDS unsafe/unprotected sexual intercourse. With the exception of HIV/AIDS, these diseases are more common in middle age and beyond than in younger people. Given the worldwide increase in the proportion of the population aged or above, the prevalence of such mortality death. A City Guide To Hunchun 2016.

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