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A City Guide To Hulan Ergi for The detrimental effects of high salt intake appear to persist even when levels of physical activity, obesity and other health behaviour are controlled Law et al A recent systematic review and meta-analysis of intervention trials assessed the impact of lowering salt intake in adults who were either normotensive i.e. normal’ blood pressure, who had high blood pressure that was not being treated, or who had high blood pressure that was being treated using drug therapy Hooper et al Overall, the results of these trials were somewhat mixed in that salt reduction resulted in reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure; however, the degree of reduction in blood pressure was not related to the amount of salt reduction. In addition, the trials had no impact on the number of heart disease-related deaths seen in follow-ups lasting from seven months to seven years, with deaths equally distributed across the intervention and control groups. The authors therefore concluded that interventions targeting salt intake provide only limited health benefits. In spite of mixed findings such as these, guidelines exist as to recommended levels of salt intake. High salt intake is considered to be in excess of g per day for adults, and over g per day for children aged to British Medical Association a. A City Guide To Hulan Ergi 2016.

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