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A City Guide To Huicheng for The lower level of these guidelines had been in existence since , and although the move to increase the guidelines to and units for males and females, respectively, came in Royal College of Physicians , many health advisers continue to use the / limits. Some guidelines also recommend one or two alcohol-free days per week. There is some confusion internationally as to what constitutes a standard’ measure or unit’. Does it mean the strength of the alcohol or the volume? For example, a standard drink in Japan is defined by government guidelines as . g alcohol, whereas in the UK a standard drink would contain g, and there are many variations in between, as seen in Table Table International definitions of what comprises a standard’ drink Prevalence of drinking alcohol in the young A survey of over , English ?-year-olds Survey DoH a, National Centre for Social Research showed a significant increase in the amount of alcohol consumed in this age group over a ten-year period, from . units per week in to units in The authors suggest that the growth in marketing and sale of alcopops alcoholic drinks with sweetening and flavourings, marketed with a trendy appearance played a role in the increased consumption pattern of these young people. Twenty-four per cent of this sample had had an alcoholic drink in the previous week per cent of -year-olds and per cent of -year-olds. A City Guide To Huicheng 2016.

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