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A City Guide To Huangyan for Method Over , school pupils aged approximately range ? entered the study having been recruited from Australian schools who agreed to support the study out of schools invited. Twelve schools remained in the study, and per cent of the sample completed a follow-up mean age , month range ? assessment twelve months later. This resulted in participants, of whom per cent of boys and per cent of girls were current smokers. In terms of measures employed, participants completed a battery of questionnaires, addressing socio-demographic variables; smoking behaviour, and patterns and contexts in which smoking took place for smokers only; sources and intensity of stress using a measure previously developed by the authors which consists of seven sub-scales addressing potential sources of stress school; family conflict; parental control; school performance; future uncertainty; perceived educational irrelevance; interactions with opposite sex; and a measure of psychological distress, the GHQ Goldberg Parental approval had to be given in order for students under years old to participate, but the authors do not note how many failed to obtain this approval and thus were unable to take part. The study was carried out in school time at Time , with questionnaires being mailed out only at T to participants who were not in school at the time of data collection. The school did not have access to individual data thus student confidentiality was maintained. Results The authors present an array of descriptive analyses including data showing that there were significant gender differences in both distress and stress, whereby girls reported higher distress and stress from family conflict, parental control, school performance, future uncertainty and opposite sex interactions. A City Guide To Huangyan 2016.

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