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A City Guide To Huangshi for Wellings et al. and for subsequently having unprotected sex and risking both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases Hingson et al In contrast, there is some evidence that teenagers are less likely to drink during pregnancy than older mothers, thus placing their unborn child at lower risk of foetal alcohol syndrome California Department of Health Services In terms of other behaviours during pregnancy, teenage mothers are more likely to have a poor diet and smoke during pregnancy than older mothers and, combined with their often physical immaturity, these behaviours may contribute to the higher rates of miscarriage, premature birth and low birthweight babies Department of Health Horgan and Kenny Horgan and Kenney further note that the death rate for babies and young children born to teenage mums is per cent higher than that for those born to older mothers, and younger mums are also three times more likely to suffer from post-natal depression. Teenage substance use therefore has the potential to create significant long-term problems for the individual and potentially their child. However, changing adolescent risk behaviour is often challenging, given the complexity of influences thereon, but there is some evidence that interventions which address self-esteem issues before addressing behaviour’ problems, including under-age sex, smoking and drinking alcohol, seem to meet with greater success than those which do not e.g. Health Development Agency Magazine SMOKING Carbon monoxide reduces circulating oxygen in the blood, which effectively reduces the amount of oxygen feeding the heart muscles; nicotine makes the heart work harder by increasing blood pressure and heart rate; and together these substances cause narrowing of the arteries and increase the likelihood of thrombosis clot formation. Tars impair the respiratory system by congesting the lungs, and this is a major contributor to the highly prevalent chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD e. A City Guide To Huangshi 2016.

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