A City Guide To Huangshan

A City Guide To Huangshan for Discussion The authors rightly note that the loss to follow-up of a significant proportion of the sample . per cent of boys and per cent of girls, with evidence of greater incidence of smoking, friends who smoked, and low parental educational levels among those who failed to complete the follow-up, has some bearing on the generalisabiity of their findings. In spite of this, however, the sample size remains large enough to test their main hypothesis. The hypothesis that stress is associated with smoking uptake was not upheld for boys. The weak association with stress of attending school, the authors suggest, may reflect low academic ability or low attainment in the family, both factors associated with smoking uptake generally. Among girls, however, the evidence is stronger, with associations between commencing smoking and all but two of the stress sub-scales but not the distress measure. More girls in this sample smoked however, only per cent became smokers between T and T and so these results should perhaps be interpreted with more caution than the authors exhibit. A City Guide To Huangshan 2016.

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