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A City Guide To Huangpu for Individuals without commitment to healthy life goals or the motivation to work towards attaining them are less likely to perceive their substance use as a problem and consider themselves as less able to change the behaviour. n Stopping smoking Even people who stop smoking when aged between and can avoid most of their subsequent risk of developing lung cancer or other smokingrelated disease or disability Bratzler et al Better still, stopping when aged leads to more than per cent of lung cancer risk being avoided Peto et al Attempts to help people to stop smoking are viewed positively by the public, and in fact the majority of smokers wish to stop smoking. For example, two-thirds of smokers surveyed in as part of the UK General Household survey reported wanting to give up Office for National Statistics It has been found that stopping smoking is more likely among individuals of a higher socio-economic status dispelling expectations of significant downturns in smoking among those of lower socio-economic status caused by increases in cigarette prices. For example, in a -year follow-up study of over , smokers in the Netherlands, Droomers et al. found that the higher the level of education, the greater the success rates for smoking cessation. Whether this effect is directly attributable to higher levels of knowledge and understanding about potential health consequences, or whether it is confounded by social class perhaps quitters in higher social classes have fewer smoking acquaintances and friends than non-quitters, remains unclear. Various studies have shown that smoking networks are associated with quitting to a larger degree than health beliefs, whereby not being part of a smoking network facilitates cessation e. A City Guide To Huangpu 2016.

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