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A City Guide To Huangpi for A subgroup of a family of viruses known collectively as Human Papilloma Virus HPV have been associated with abnormal tissue and cell growth implicated in the development of genital warts and cervical cancer. The highrisk type viruses labelled HPV- and HPV- together cause over per cent of squamous cell cancers cancer develops in flat-type cells found on the outer surface of the cervix, and approximately per cent of adenocarcinomas the cancer develops in the glandular cells which line the cervix. About per cent of cervical cancers are squamous cell type and about per cent are adenocarcinomas. There are also low-risk type of HPV viruses which are associated with the development of genital warts, which do not cause cervical cancer in themselves but which are a sexually transmitted infection which cause significant discomfort. HPV is not contagious as such, but can be transmitted from a single act of sexual intercourse with an infected person. What do YOU think? Some US parenting groups have voiced concerns that offering vaccination against a sexually transmitted infection such as this is condoning sexual activity. What do you think? What about sex education more generally? Is offering a vaccination programme through schools the most appropriate way of reaching the population concerned? What young people might be missed? How might parents react to this vaccination programme? In many states of the USA, adolescents can provide consent for treatments of STIs without that of their parents. A City Guide To Huangpi 2016.

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