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A City Guide To Huanghua Shi for A significant body of work has addressed the complexity of social, emotional and cognitive factors that contribute to the uptake and maintenance of health-damaging behaviour, and a range of theories and models of health behaviour which have been developed and tested are described in Chapter We concluded this chapter by bringing to the reader’s attention some of the challenges to effective measurement of health behaviours and, as elsewhere in this text, we encourage readers to stop and think about issues such as self-presentation bias or interviewer effects. Further reading Connor, M., Sutherland, E.D., Kennedy, F. et al Impact of alcohol on sexual decision-making intentions to have unprotected sex. Psychology and Health, This very recent paper is not referred to in the main chapter but is worth a look because it reports three studies where the effects of alcohol intoxication on sexual decision-making depends on gender as well as on behaviourally relevant attitudes and beliefs. A City Guide To Huanghua Shi 2016.

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