A City Guide To Huaidian

A City Guide To Huaidian for Many epidemiological and clinical studies have identified associations between specific behaviour and the onset of major illnesses such as heart disease or cancer. However, if we are to prevent people from engaging in risk behaviour which is the goal of health promotion ? see Chapters and , we also need to understand the psychological and social factors that contribute to the uptake and maintenance of risk behaviour or the avoidance of health-enhancing or preventive behaviour. Such studies are more often conducted by health and social H – R I S K psychologists rather than epidemiologists, and although alluded to in this and the subsequent chapter, are addressed more fully in Chapter Health-risk behaviour The message of the Director-General of the World Health Organization WHO, in the opening to the W orld Health Report WHO was stark, but clear. It stated in many ways, the world is a safer place today. Safer from what were once deadly or incurable diseases. Safer from daily hazards of waterborne and food-related illnesses. Safer from dangerous consumer goods, from accidents at home, at work, or in hospitals. A City Guide To Huaidian 2016.

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