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A City Guide To Hongqiao for However, there are problems in concluding from this, and from studies of non-drinkers where risk of CHD was found to be higher than carcinogenesis the process by which normal cells become cancer cells i.e. carcinoma. average, that not drinking confers increased risk. Non-drinkers may choose not to consume alcohol because they are already in poor health, or because they are members of particular religious or ethnic groups that forbid such use these factors may hide some other cause’ of CHD. It is safer to conclude only that heavy drinking has negative effects on health that increase in line with consumption; that moderate levels of drinking may not increase risk and may in fact be protective against CHD although the protective effects are lost on people who smoke; and that the effects of not drinking at all need further exploration. Why do some people develop drinking problems? The reasons why young people start to drink alcohol are, as with most social behaviours, many and varied, with genetics and environment playing important roles. A City Guide To Hongqiao 2016.

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