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A City Guide To Honggang for Michell and Amos , for example, found that young males were more ambivalent than females about smoking, as they considered that smoking behaviour conflicted with their desire for physical fitness. Among boys, status’ in the pecking order appeared to be conferred by fitness, whereas for girls high status was attached to appearing cool and sophisticated or rebellious, and for some, this may be achieved through smoking. n Social pressure. Social or peer pressure, where smoking behaviour is positively encouraged and then reinforced by the responses of significant others, has commonly been cited as a reason for smoking initiation, reflecting either social contagion or influence that a person conforms to. Interestingly, however, Denscombe reported that young people aged ? years rejected the idea of peer pressure’ being responsible for smoking initiation, preferring to see the behaviour as something they selected to do themselves. This fits with the notion of smoking initiation being tied up with seeking reputation and status Snow and Bruce n W eight control. Weight control has been identified as a motive for smoking initiation and maintenance among young girls but not among young males e. A City Guide To Honggang 2016.

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