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A City Guide To Hohhot for g. Rose et al Chapters and describe interventions aimed at promoting smoking cessation. Unprotected sexual behaviour Negative health consequences of unprotected sexual intercourse Notwithstanding unwanted pregnancy see in the spotlight earlier in the chapter, unprotected sexual intercourse carries with it several risks infections such as chlamydia and HIV. Sexual behaviour as a risk factor for disease has received growing attention since the arrival’ of the human immunodeficiency virus HIV in the early s and the recognition that AIDS affects heterosexually active populations as well as homosexual U N P R O T E C T E D S E X U A L populations and injecting drug users who share their injecting equipment. Unlike the other behaviour described in this chapter, sexual practices are not inherently individual behaviour but behaviour that occurs in the context of an interaction between two individuals. Sex is fundamentally social’ behaviour although drinking behaviour may also be considered social’, the actual physical act of drinking is down to the individual. As such, researchers studying sexual practices and the influences upon them, and health educators attempting to promote safer sexual practices such as condom use, face particular challenges. A City Guide To Hohhot 2016.

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