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A City Guide To Heshan Shi for Block et al. reported that out of studies of the association between fruit and vegetable consumption and all types of cancer, found that fruit and vegetables conferred significant protection against cancer. Evidence to date does not, however, suggest that vegetarianism is protective against all types of cancer, although a large meta-analysis of data involving , men and women did find that vegetarianism reduced the risk of dying of ischaemic heart disease Key et al However, in this study, vegetarians also reported lower rates of smoking and lower levels of alcohol consumption than nonvegetarians, and although these factors were controlled for in the analyses, other unidentified but important differences may also have existed between the two groups that may further explain the health differences. Research evidence across individual studies is fairly consistent in finding positive benefits of fruit and vegetable intake e.g. Ness and Powles ; World Health Organization and a large-scale systematic review Cochrane Review of all the evidence in relation to cardiovascular morbidity and mortality, as well as all-cause mortality, is underway Ness et al. . A City Guide To Heshan Shi 2016.

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