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A City Guide To Hepo for Dodds and Mercey Part of this downturn in the practice of safer sex may be attributable to the fact that people consider AIDS a disease for which there are a growing number of treatments, and thus the perceived lethality of the disease, and the implicit requirement to practise safer sex, may have been undermined. Additionally, individuals’ perceptions of risk may be wrong. Heterosexual infection has greater implications for women as the receptors’ of semen during sexual intercourse than men, and in the USA this is evidenced in increased female HIV figures e.g. Wortley and Fleming ; Logan et al The prevalence of HIV infection in pregnant women is relatively low in Europe, but monitoring has found cases to have risen, suggesting an urgent need for development of further antenatal screening services. Figure Prevalence trends for HIV infection patients seen for care by probable route of infection England, Wales and Northern Ireland, Source PHLS Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre H – R I S K n Chlamydia, HPV and other sexually transmitted diseases Of growing concern is the upturn in figures relating to the sexually transmitted diseases or infections STD/STIs of chlamydia, genital herpes simplex and genital warts, most common among adolescents and young adults. Chlamydia is a curable disease and is also the most preventable cause of infertility however, a recent national screening survey of prevalence in young people found that per cent of those under years old, per cent of those aged ? and per cent of those aged ? had this infection Moens et al Another survey of sexual behaviour, among , adults aged carried out urine testing on half of the sample and found that per cent of men and per cent of women had had a sexually transmitted infection, per cent of men and per cent of women had had genital warts, and per cent of men and per cent of women had chlamydia Fenton et al These are worrying figures, given that chlamydia could be avoided through the use of condoms. A City Guide To Hepo 2016.

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