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A City Guide To Hefei for Belloc and Breslow Breslow This study followed , adults, all of whom were healthy at the beginning of the study, for over fifteen years. By comparing the differences on a variety of baseline measures between those people who developed disease and those who remained healthy, key behavioural factors associated with health and longevity were identified. These have been termed the Alameda seven’ n sleeping seven?eight hours a night; n not smoking; n consuming no more than one?two alcoholic drinks per day; n getting regular exercise; n not eating between meals; n eating breakfast; n being no more than per cent overweight. Fewer than per cent of both females and males who engaged in all seven types of behaviour had died at the fifteen-year follow-up, compared with ? per cent of females and males who reported performing fewer than four of these activities. Also of note was the finding that the benefits of performing these activities were multiplicative for example, not smoking as well as reporting moderate levels of drinking alcohol, conferred more than twice the benefit of having only one of these immunogens’. The relationship between not performing these immunogen’ behaviours and death was found to increase with age, with marked effects found in those over the age of In other words, the longer we engage in a particular lifestyle, the more it affects our health; that is, the effects of lifestyle behaviour are not only multiplicative but cumulative. From a health psychology perspective, understanding that behaviour is predictive of mortality is only part of the story. A City Guide To Hefei 2016.

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