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A City Guide To Hecun for These arterial diseases are together referred to as CAD coronary artery disease and form a major risk factor for angina pectoris a painful sign of arterial obstruction restricting oxygen flow and coronary heart disease CHD. The bad’ cholesterols LDLs are implicated in this process, although the actual strength of the link between saturated fat intake and blood cholesterol levels is unclear. Reduced fat intake is a target of health interventions, not solely because of its effects on body weight and, potentially, obesity see later, but because of the links with CHD. Evidence for this link has come from many studies, including the large prospective MRFIT multiple risk factor intervention trial study, which followed over , adults over six years and found a significant linear relationship between baseline cholesterol level and subsequent heart disease or stroke Neaton et al It has been shown that a per cent reduction in serum blood cholesterol is associated at five-year follow-up with a per cent reduction in the incidence of coronary heart disease at age , a per cent reduction at age and a per cent reduction at age Law et al. Navas-Nacher et al Whilst there is some correlational evidence of higher breast cancer death rates in countries where high fat intake is common e.g. the UK, the Netherlands, the USA than in countries where dietary fat intake is lower e. A City Guide To Hecun 2016.

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