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A City Guide To Hebron for , average laborer), measured as the total number of units produced (or output) divided by the quantity of a specific factor used to produce that output. balance of payments: an accounting record measuring the total value of one nation’s economic transactions with the other nations of the world in any given year. barrier to entry: a long-run concept referring to the ease with which firms may enter into an industry. There are natural barriers to entry, such as significant economies of scale, and legal barriers to entry, such as patents. barter: an economic transaction between individuals that involves the exchange of actual goods and services, rather than exchanging goods and money. break-even: arises in microeconomic analysis when a firm’s total revenues are equal to the firm’s total cost, and is discussed in macroeconomics in the context of a consumer spending all disposable income on current consumption. Glossary 937 budget deficit: when the difference between an economic system’s government expenditure and tax revenues is greater than zero (i. A City Guide To Hebron 2016.

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