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A City Guide To Hanting for However, for the small number of individuals two children to date who have been found to hold the gene mutation, leptin therapy has shown some success in reducing food intake and promoting weight loss Farooqi et al Another avenue of research has identified that serotonin, a neurotransmitter see Chapter , is directly involved in producing satiety the condition where hunger is no longer felt. Early animal experiments investigating the effects on hunger of administering a serotonin agonist have had their findings confirmed in humans, where the introduction of serotonin agonists into the body induced satiety, reduced the frequency and quantity of food intake and body weight Halford and Blundell This line of research holds promise for future intervention. However, the recent upsurge in obesity in developed countries is more plausibly attributed to environmental factors such as lifestyle and behaviour patterns than to an increase in genetic predisposition towards obesity. People of all ages increasingly pass their time indoors, and there is evidence that sedentary activities such as watching television or computing can even reduce a person’s metabolic rate, so that their bodies burn up existing calories more slowly. Lack of physical activity in combination with overeating or eating the wrong food types are associated with obesity, and it is unclear which is the primary causal factor. Prediction by epidemiologists of a threefold increase in obesity in the UK between and Department of Health has been upheld across many parts of the world including parts of North America, Australasia and Eastern Europe, with further growth expected. Effective interventions which aim to make our currently obesogenic’ environments BMA a and behaviour more healthy by addressing healthy eating and, perhaps even more so, exercise behaviour, are therefore high on the public health agenda see Chapters and Exercise behaviour is discussed more fully in Chapter n A final thought on obesity A word of caution is drawn from the BMA report a referred to previously we as individuals, and as a society, must be careful not to over-focus on the weight of individual children ? while obesity is on the increase, so too is extreme dietary behaviour and eating disorders; several recent studies point to increasing body dissatisfaction among children and adolescents, particularly females e. A City Guide To Hanting 2016.

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