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A City Guide To Hangzhou for g. Briviba et al. have shown that polyphenols isolated from red wine did in fact inhibit the growth of different colon carcinoma cells, but not breast cancer cells. Medical authorities and public health officials are wary of announcing health benefits’ of behaviours usually portrayed as detrimental to health, and results of this nature need to be carefully checked and double-checked. Even the authors of one of the research studies, finding a positive effect of alcohol on HDL level, underplayed the implications of their findings Linn et al. It is unlikely that many individuals presenting to their GPs with health concerns around a family history of heart disease are told to increase their light alcohol consumption to moderate, and instead will most likely be advised to follow a low-fat diet, yet the protection offered is similar! When the most recent findings relating to cancer reached the attention of the media, it resulted in the kind of headlines that would lead you to believe a cure for cancer had been found! However, there remains a need for further research among human samples, with tight controls over other contributory factors. It will be some years before the evidence as to the effects of red wine drinking on people already with cancer becomes clear. A City Guide To Hangzhou 2016.

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