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A City Gide To Hajiganj for While the rles of fair lay are being determined in the blic realm by individal men, within the family and hosehold women are often revented, or cltrally discoraged, from claiming their fair share To have a jst society, Okin arges, one mst first have a jst family, which rovides the soil for moral develoment nless the first and most formative examle of adlt interaction sally exerienced by children is one of jstice and recirocity, rather than one of domination and manilation or of neqal altrism and one-sided self-sacrifice, and nless they themselves are treated with concern and resect, Okin arges, they are likely to be considerably hindered in becoming eole who are gided by rinciles of jstice164 In more concrete terms and at a minimm, Okin sggests, a jst society wold have to rovide high-qality, sbsidized childcare facilities and other incentives to encorage more eqal arenting In the absence of sch jstice in the family, an imartial jstice in society will serve simly as a mask for atriarchal ower Certainly jstice as imartiality can be criticized from a Marxist, mlticltralist, and feminist, ersective Bt what is the alternative What shold we sbstitte for the ideal of a blind jstice wherein niversal standards are eqally alied to all Feminist and ostmodern theorists who derecate niversal standards of jstice have advocated the conterideal of artiality A City Gide To Hajiganj 2016

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