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A City Guide To Hailun for Healthy diet As described in the previous chapter, what we eat plays an important role in our long-term health and illness status. Diet has been found to have both direct and indirect links with illness; for example, fat intake is directly linked to various forms of heart disease by a range of physiological mechanisms, and indirectly related to disease by virtue of its effects on weight control and, in particular, obesity. The World Health Organization WHO states that low intake of fruit and vegetables as part of diet is responsible for over three million deaths a year, worldwide, from cancer or cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, per cent of cancer deaths are attributable, in part, to poor diet, particularly high intake of fats and salt and low levels of fibre World Cancer Research Fund Given these reports, it is no surprise CHAPTER OUTLINE As shown in the previous chapter, behaviour is linked to health. However, not all our behaviour has potentially negative effects on our health; much of what we do can benefit our health, and indeed protect against illness. These are sometimes called behavioural immunogens’. This chapter provides an overview of the evidence pertaining to an array of such health-protective behaviour, including healthy diet, exercise behaviour, health screening and immunisation. A City Guide To Hailun 2016.

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