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A City Guide To Hailar for Appetite, B ack ground Much of the research carried out with regards to healthy eating, focuses on young people and their food choices and eating behaviours. While this makes sense in relation to the growing prevalence of obesity see the previous chapter and in light of the fact that health behaviours set down in childhoood can contribute towards healthy adulthood, our society is an increasingly ageing one and therefore a greater focus on healthy ageing’ is also fundamentally required. Loss of appetite and reduced energy is often associated with growing older but it is not an inevitable consequence, and may reflect social factors such as experiencing a loss of interest in food caused by eating alone, physical factors access to shops, physical mobility or personal factors such as lack of skill. Poor nutrition has been associated with cognitive decline and increased risk of certain illnesses, for example anorexia, anaemia, and therefore in order to better support healthy ageing it is important to ascertain what motivates food choice and eating patterns. This study set out to explore these questions among a sample of older men living alone; the choice of men as the focus is justified on the basis that earlier research had shown that women of an older generation were more likely to have been the primary cook and therefore, when widowed, women tended to do better than men in terms of nutrition. Men, on the other hand, may face additional challenges on being widowed ? that of learning how to maintain their diet. Aims The study aims to identify barriers to eating healthily among a group of men living alone. A City Guide To Hailar 2016.

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