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A City Guide To Guye for g. Wakefield et al. , but smoking prevalence remains high. Reducing smoking behaviour continues to be a public health target and indeed in developing countries, where smoking prevalence, particularly among men, has increased rather than plateaud or decreased. Negative health effects of smoking A report estimated that approximately three million people worldwide die each year as a result of their use of tobacco cigarettes and, to a lesser degree, cigars Peto and Lopez By , smoking-attributable deaths had risen by over one million per year estimated deaths of million; World Health Organization , yet smoking is the key modifiable risk factor for cardiovascular disease across all age groups. Tobacco products contain carcinogenic tars and carbon monoxide, which are thought to be responsible for approximately per cent of cases of coronary heart disease, per cent of cancers per cent of lung cancer and per cent of cases of chronic obstructive airways disease. In addition, passive smoking is considered to account for per cent of lung cancer deaths among non-smokers. A City Guide To Guye 2016.

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