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A City Guide To Guixi for Gillies , an effect sometimes attributed to the disinhibitory effects of alcohol. However, this author notes that alcohol use may simply be an indicator of general risktaking behaviour which includes non-use of condoms, and that further research is required to ascertain whether alcohol itself plays a direct causal role. In terms of women and HIV prevention, many interpersonal, intrapersonal, cultural and contextual factors have been shown to interact and affect whether or not the woman feels able to control the use of condoms in sexual encounters e.g. Bury et al. Sanderson and Jemmot In general, surveys of condom use among young women have found that while females share some of the negative attitudes towards condom use found among male samples such as that condoms reduce spontaneity of behaviour or reduce sexual pleasure, and that they also tend to hold unrealistically optimistic estimates of personal risk of infection with STDs or HIV, women face additional barriers when considering condom use Bryan et al. , ; Hobfoll et al These can include n anticipated male objection to a female suggesting condom use denial of their pleasure; n difficulty/embarrassment in raising the issue of condom use with a male partner; n worry that suggesting use to a potential partner implies that either themselves or the partner is HIV-positive or has another STD; n lack of self-efficacy or mastery in condom use. A City Guide To Guixi 2016.

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