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A City Guide To Guangzhou for Do you think the offering of this vaccine to under-s is likely to achieve a high uptake? It is likely that we will see a flurry of research into the predictors of uptake and non-uptake of vaccination and therefore, from a health psychology perspective, this is quite an exciting time. Chapter outlines key psychological factors and sociocognitive models of health behaviour and these models are likely to be tested in relation to HPV. U N P R O T E C T E D S E X U A L Whilst condom use reduces the risk of infection, HPV lives’ on the whole genital area and therefore a condom alone is insufficient to prevent transmission. HPV is startingly prevalent and therefore the discovery of a vaccination against those types of HPV which cause per cent of cervical cancers but not genital warts has been billed as a major public health discovery. Clinical trials have found the vaccine to be effective in both adults and children, with per cent effectiveness in those who have not already acquired infection Lo , Steinbrook As a result, from September the UK government will initiate a vaccination programme targeted at girls aged ? years, on the basis that the vaccination needs to be given before sexual activity commences. Also a catch-up’ programme in / will target ?-year-olds, and so by the end of it is hoped that all girls under will have been offered the vaccine. The vaccination requires three injections over a six-month period and will be made available in secondary schools. A City Guide To Guangzhou 2016.

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