A City Guide To Gongyi

A City Guide To Gongyi for Source from the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, H – R I S K n For both males and females condom use was greatest with a new’ sexual partner and per cent of males and females, respectively, used condoms on all occasions of sex with a single new partner. n Condom use declined dramatically in those who reported having had multiple new partners and per cent, respectively. n The rate of condom use was lowest in males who had multiple partners who were not new sexual partners only per cent always used a condom. n Female condom use was less affected by whether multiple partners were new’ to them or not per cent always used a condom with not new multiple partners. This survey was repeated in with over , men and women aged ? years and with a deliberate intention of boosting the cultural mix of the sample which also over-represented London NATSAL II; Erens et al. . Although not as representative a national sample as the first survey, results regarding condom use any use in the year prior to interview were encouraging Cassell et al A significant increase in usage was reported in both males from per cent in to per cent in and females from per cent in to per cent in As in the first survey, condom use was highest among younger respondents and for those for whom the last sexual partner was new’. A City Guide To Gongyi 2016.

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