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A City Guide To Gejiu for Bangladeshi men have been found to be at greater risk of coronary heart disease than other groups, due, for example, to their tendency to exercise less and smoke more than their white counterparts Nazroo ; Health Education Authority To illustrate this further, Figure presents data from a survey conducted in , which found that per cent of Bangladeshi males smoked, in comparison with per cent of males across the general population. Also contributing to the higher levels of CHD in this group is the fact that these males also eat less fruit and vegetables and engage in low levels of physical activity in comparison with the general population of males. In contrast, the percentage of Bangladeshi, Indian and Pakistani women smoking is significantly below the general population norm. Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders have been shown to have one of the highest prevalences of smoking recorded ? with per cent of these indigenous populations aged over years smoking Australian Bureau of Statistics . As well as culture, there are age differences in smoking prevalence smoking remains at high levels among the elderly ? a population that initiated smoking before the medical evidence as to the health-damaging effects of the behaviour was clear and publicly available. Bratzler et al. review the impact of smoking on the elderly in terms of increased morbidity, disability and death, and provide a strong argument for the continued need for health promotion efforts to target smoking cessation in order to enhance the quality of life and longevity of older individuals. A City Guide To Gejiu 2016.

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