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A City Guide To Gaoyou for One important finding was the rate of condom use among those with multiple partners ? those high-risk’ individuals were the most likely to report condom use. Non-white ethnicity and being of a non-Christian religion was also found to be associated with greater condom use, highlighting the importance of ensuring representation across differing cultural and religious groupings. Among the heterosexual sample, the prevention of pregnancy was given as the primary reason for condom use, although in the younger sub-sample ?-year-olds prevention of HIV and other STIs was of equal or greater concern. This may reflect U N P R O T E C T E D S E X U A L increased awareness of HIV and sexual health in the decade between the two surveys, and provide support to those offering health education and health promotion see Chapters and Safer sex practices were not influenced solely by concerns about STIs but also by the type, number and length of sexually active relationships a person is engaged in. Condom use commonly begins to decline after six months within any given relationship. Many other factors have been been reported to act as barriers against safer sex behaviour, as we describe in the next section see also Chapter n Barriers to condom use Alcohol intake has been found to reduce condom use in both younger and older individuals, heterosexuals and homosexuals e.g. A City Guide To Gaoyou 2016.

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