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A City Guide To Gaomi for These factors are not simply about the individual’s own health beliefs and behavioural intentions regarding avoiding pregnancy, STDs or AIDS; they also highlight that sexual behaviour is a complex interpersonal interaction. Safer sexual behaviour perhaps requires multiple-level interventions that target not only individual health beliefs such as those described in Chapter but also their interpersonal, communication and negotiating skills see Chapters and Individual behaviour, where positively or negatively associated with health, can be a sensitive issue, with some people preferring to keep their practices and motivations to themselves. This can create many challenges for those interested in measuring health or risk behaviour with a view to developing understanding of it. While measurement issues are not confined to studies of health behaviour, they are particularly pertinent in this domain see issues below. ISSUES The challenge of measuring health behaviour The research tradition assumes that the objects of study, e.g. health, illness, or in the context of this chapter, behaviour, remain as fixed entities in people’s minds. A City Guide To Gaomi 2016.

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