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A City Guide To Gaodong for Davies and Baker . Impression management is common; i.e. people monitor and control actively construct what they say in order to give particular impressions of themselves or to achieve certain effects to particular audiences Allport first noted this in the domain of social psychology. So how can you tell whether health behaviour data that are collected provide a true representation of behaviour or simply the outcome of self-presentational processes? It is probably best to assume that they are a bit of both, and when reading statistics regarding the prevalence of particular behaviour, stop to consider the methods used in generating the data and ask yourself what biases, if any, may be present. social desirability bias the tendency to answer questions about oneself or one’s behaviour in a way that is thought likely to meet with social or interviewer approval. H – R I S K This chapter has described behaviours with clear associations with prevalent illnesses, and as such they account for a vast amount of research enquiry within health psychology. A City Guide To Gaodong 2016.

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