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A City Guide To Fuyu for It may be therefore that cooking skill is required in order to benefit from protein and vegetable intake. The interview data are presented in the form of quotations in order to describe participants’ views of their cooking skill and food intake, and no consistent patterns emerge other than evidence of divergent knowledge regarding the -a-day recommendation and in attitudes to eating fruit and vegetables. The only recommendation seen to emerge is to eat a portion of fruit at breakfast. C onclusions This paper provides some evidence of unhealthy’ eating among older men living alone in that intake of fruit and vegetables and their associated vitamins and minerals is low. In this regard, this paper presents findings consistent with other bodies of evidence. What the paper adds is the findings relating to cooking skills. The suggestion is that, at least in relation to vegetables, intake is low as a result of limited food preparation skills, and that conversely, energy intake is better’ in line with recommended daily intake in those who can cook less well. A City Guide To Fuyu 2016.

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