A City Guide To Fuyang

A City Guide To Fuyang for Horne et al.. This programme draws on established learning theory techniques of increased taste exposure to fruit and vegetables, modelling of healthy behaviour through cartoon youth characters, and reinforcement by means of child-friendly rewards e.g. stickers, crayons for eating the fruit and vegetables provided at snack and meal times Lowe et al Long-term effectiveness of a peer-modelling and rewards-based intervention on the fruit and vegetable consumption of inner-city children was found, with particular gains among those children who ate less fruit and vegetables at the study outset Horne et al However, an exposure-only study, a randomised controlled trial of having fruit tuck shops' in primary schools, did not find an increase in fruit consumption Moore et al.

Moore, suggesting that availability alone is insufficient to motivate change. Given the challenge of increasing fruit and vegetable intake, issues below raises the question of whether supplementing a person's diet with antioxidant vitamins vitamins A, C and E; beta-carotene; folic acid has benefits in terms of reducing disease risk.

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A City Guide To Fuyang

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