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A City Guide To Fuan for Only Vitamin C was about what was required for many per cent of the sample. While almost half per cent reported not drinking alcohol on the recall days, there was an inevitable association between alcohol intake and energy intake for those that did. Cooking skills Based on interview data and on the men’s interpretation of whether what they reported reflected poor or basic’, adequate’ or good’ cooking skill, data were grouped and compared with the health measures. Men with good’ cooking skills consumed more vegetables than those with poor skills, and had better physical health. Energy intake was negatively associated with cooking skills; in other words, those with poorer cooking skills take in more calories not necessarily a good thing. Fruit and vegetable intake As already noted, cooking skill was related to intake of fruit and vegetables however, only per cent men consumed the recommended -a-day portions. Fruit and vegetable intake was associated also with greater intake of protein, and whether this is in the form of meat, fish or eggs, protein generally requires cooking. A City Guide To Fuan 2016.

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