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A City Guide To Foshan for develop cooking skills that provide high energy as well as high nutrient intakes. While the interview data are used in the final section of the results, it is unclear how the principles of grounded theory were adhered to in that the authors seem to suggest pre-imposing themes on the interview data where otherwise themes would emerge from the quotation data itself. It would have been interesting to have focused the paper more on the actual qualitative data in order to develop greater understanding of the material gained from the interviews. For a qualitative study in part the sample size is in fact very large and it is likely that a vast amount of data has not been reported here. This is frustrating in that we do not really achieve a sense of understanding regarding the motivations towards eating healthily in this population. In spite of these limitations however, this study highlights a need for cooking training in older men. Various interventions have targeted the fruit and vegetable intake of young people, such as the Food Dudes programme in North Wales, which targets pre-school and primary-school children Tapper et al. A City Guide To Foshan 2016.

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