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A City Guide To Fenyi for from the food frequency questionnaire. Results The themes under which the data are presented are health and wellbeing, energy and nutrient intake, cooking skills and fruit and vegetable intake, with all but cooking skill data being extracted from the questionnaire data, and cooking skill data coming from the interviews. Health and wellbeing The sample were generally in good health, with those reporting poor subjective health tending to report lowest life satisfaction. Life satisfaction itself positively associated with social engagement.

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A City Guide To Fenyi

Energy and nutrient intakes averages were calculated from the two -hour recall datasets. A total of per cent of the men consumed less energy than recommended even when BMI, activity and age were controlled for. Most of the men had low intake of essential nutrients including calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc; half of them had less than required Vitamin A intake and all of them had less than recommended intake of vitamin D can be obtained also by exposure to sunshine.

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