A City Guide To Fani

A City Gide To Fani for The ironist’s deconstrction of systems of thoght, however, is refaced or accomanied by a critical confrontation with her own convictions Irony is always self-referential Hence the ostmodern ironist takes on a somewhat layfl role, for comlete seriosness cannot isse from a fondation of self-dobt This self-conscios sketicism was develoed in modern times by Friedrich Nietzsche, whose gay science set the stage for the ironic layflness of ostmodernists16 The ostmodern ironist is a ersectivist, jdging that there is no certain means of attaining objective knowledge freed of all interretive intrsions At the same time, she cannot dismiss the ossibility that there may be some ltimate trth to be fond The ironist lacks all certainty, inclding the certainty that there is no trth A City Gide To Fani 2016

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