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A City Guide To Enshi for These authors propose that remembering the negative affective response experienced during exercise is likely to impair an individual’s future adherence, and that this may explain why some studies report poor exercise adherence rates. These interesting findings suggest that methodological factors play a role in whether or not exercise is associated with positive mood. Additionally, other factors such as cognitive distraction or actual physical removal from life’s problems, or social support gained from exercising with friends, may further combine with biological factors to influence the affective experience reported. Even the exercise environment itself can play a role in mood outcomes, such as room temperature, the presence and type of music, and the presence of mirrors ? the latter being associated with negative wellbeing Martin Ginis et al Mood is a complex phenomenon! Moderate regular exercise appears to offer various routes to wellbeing. For some individuals, self-image and self-esteem may be enhanced as a result of exercise contributing to weight loss and control. Rightly or wrongly, we live in a society where trim figures are judged more positively by others as well as by ourselves than those that are considered to be overweight. Another potential route to wellbeing may be seen in those who use exercise as a means of coping with stress. A City Guide To Enshi 2016.

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