A City Guide To Dongling

A City Guide To Dongling for followed a cohort of ?-yearold men over a period of twelve years and monitored the amount of walking they did. Men who walked more than two miles a day lived significantly longer than those who walked less per cent died over the years, compared with per cent. The prevalence of inactivity is also high in younger samples. For example n The National Diet and Nutrition Survey estimated that per cent of boys and per cent of girls surveyed in the UK were not meeting national recommendations see above. n A World Health Organization study of , young people aged , and in thirty-five countries across Europe and North America found that only per cent of -year-old boys and only per cent of girls engage in at least one hour of moderate or heavier exercise five days a week, with huge geographical as well as gender differences www.euro.who. A City Guide To Dongling 2016.

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