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A City Guide To Dongguan for Information about testing was provided in three different ways Positive information only, Positive followed by Negative; Negative follwed by Positive. A fourth group acted as a control and this group received information irrelevant to the genetic-testing decision questions. Pre- and post-manipulation assessments What do YOU think? What does it mean when a person has been tested for carrier status of a particular gene? Do you know? It has been found that the general public commonly do not understand the issues of heritability, recessive genes or gene penetrance. There is an obvious and growing need for education and information about these very issues as more and more genes are identified that predispose us to various diseases. What thoughts do you have about genetic testing? Write down a list of pros and cons, for example in relation to breast or prostate cancer testing. Consider what your decision may be if testing were to become more widely available. Figure A genetic family tree. A City Guide To Dongguan 2016.

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