A City Guide To Dinajpur

A City Guide To Dinajpur for If these forms of power can be so unyielding, one might ask, then why should the compulsion of actual force not also be considered a form of power? The answer is that understanding power as distinct from force allows us to define politics in terms of power while discriminating between regimes that are more or less political in nature. Power rather than force is wielded if the object of influence retains an option for resistance or refusal that is not met with a direct threat to life or limb. Power does not destroy or deny the freedom of the individual over whom it is exercised, though power may and often does make the exercise of freedom more difficult or dangerous. If I shackle someone to a wall to keep her from voting in an election, then I am not exerting a form of power. I am simply exerting force. The individual’s potential for effective resistance has been destroyed and her freedom has been wholly denied. In contrast, if I persuade this person not to vote, arguing that her vote will not make any difference to the outcome of the election, then I have exercised power. A City Guide To Dinajpur 2016.

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