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A City Guide To Dengfeng for In spite of obvious health benefits and active campaigning on the part of many health authorities and the media to encourage people of all ages to become more active, exercise levels in some parts of Europe remain low. However, it may be that levels lower than national guidelines can also obtain benefit for example, a large-scale study of almost , healthy females aged over concluded that the minimum level of exercise required to reduce heart disease risk may be as little as ? minutes of purposeful walking per week Lee et al n Levels of exercise Only about per cent of the British adult population do some form of exercise at least once a month, and Norman et al. estimated that only about per cent of this population exercise with sufficient regularity to EXERCISE obtain any protective effects of exercise behaviour. This pattern is not only evident in Britain for example, a survey conducted across twenty-one European countries found that approximately one-third of ?-year-olds did not engage in regular physical activity Steptoe et al Gender and age differences have also been reported, with women generally found to be more inactive than men, and older women being less active than younger women e.g. Stephenson et al Further evidence of an age effect on participation in regular physical activity was reported by Skelton et al. , who found that while per cent of men and per cent of women aged ? were participating in activity at least once a week, only per cent of men and per cent of women aged or more were doing so. A City Guide To Dengfeng 2016.

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