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A City Guide To Dazhou for g. for Down’s syndrome or spina bifida; n bone density screening. Screening programmes for breast and cervical cancer are based on the fact that incidence of the former is high, and early treatment can reduce per cent of the associated mortality, and although cervical cancer is less common it is about the eighth most common form of cancer in women, the mortality rate associated with untreated cancer of the cervix is high. Cervical cancer is in fact the top-ranked cancer in females under the age of , with regular smear tests’ Pap tests being advocated from early adulthood. Most Western countries have a programme of routine invitation of adult women to cervical screening every five years, with older women aged or over being invited every three years in some countries. Antenatal procedures such as amniocentesis also screen for disease by checking whether maternal serum alphafoetoprotein levels are indicative of spina bifida or Down’s syndrome. In this instance, screening is routinely offered, at least in the UK, to pregnant women over the age of If screening proves positive, there are no treatment options, but rather decisions to be made regarding continuation or termination of the pregnancy. A City Guide To Dazhou 2016.

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